Urban Allen Six

¿What is Urban Allen Six?

Urban Allen Six born as a high-end amp profiles brand, but especially because all the profiles are made at UAS Studios in Spain.

You will fall in love with our created profiles, you will be delighted with the quality, initially created for Kemper Profiling Amplifier but soon we will support Helix, Axe and much more.

  • High-End quality profiles
  • Only high-end amplifiers or unique amplifier editions
  • We look for profiles of unique and unrepeatable devices (It's like the backup copy of an amp in danger of disappearing)

Our philosophy


We create unique profiles.

For this reason, we have opened this store for you, also, as we want you to really enjoy our work and the great manufacturers that have created these amplifiers, you will always find in our store FREE Download Profiles.


El estilo de AllenSix es diferente y atrevido, unos perfiles cristalinos, sientes que estas tocando un amplificador legendario y único.


Muchos de los otros perfiles que existen suenan oscuros y algo embarrados, los perfiles de Urban son simplemente perfectos.