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OCD Overdrive Kemper UAS


Introducing the pedal section with this fantastic overdrive, the OCD is popular for its punchy tone and versatility. We have managed to capture it in the KEMPER for you, as always at a BRUTAL price!

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3,51 €

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The Fulltone "Obsessive Compulsive Drive V2" replicates the dynamics and harmonic behavior of a well-saturated valve amp with its typical stage distortion.

Download Kemper Profile of OCD Overdrive Pedal:

In Urban Allen Six (UAS) all profiles are created with great care, trying to get the best profiles for kemper Profiling Amp (KPA) and ready to use.

Download Kemper OCD Overdrive pedal now!

AuthorUAS (Urban Allen Six)
Clean profile includedYes
PickupsSingle coil / Humbucker
Great forAll guitars
Sound typeAny Style
Profiles quantity11
Gain LevelMedium

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